Brand promotion on Twitch

Twitch is the most popular live streaming platform on the Internet. With 15+ million daily visitors, it’s unacceptable for an ambitious business to ignore the marketing opportunities present. If you are trying to promote your product or service, you should definitely consider what Twitch can do for your brand.

The gaming community of the streaming platform is as diverse as any other. Similar to TV channels, different games and streamers attract different kinds of people. However, unlike traditional ads on a TV network, the audience is a lot more emotionally invested in the person they are watching. In fact, the viewers are seven times more likely to trust a social media influencer endorsement than a traditional ad.

Game branding

Alright, so what does a brand do to get as much exposure as possible? First of all, it’s crucial to find the game with the right audience to promote your products. While Counter-Strike and Call of Duty are incredibly popular in the gaming community, some businesses may be interested in nonviolent games instead, due to the low age of the streamer’s audience. The most popular G-rated (general audiences) games on Twitch right now are Minecraft and Rocket League.

Let’s look at Minecraft, for instance. While it seems like a game that doesn’t need a lot of hardware to run, many people prefer playing it at higher settings, for a good reason. Minecraft is not competitive, so a lot of players are focused on the graphics and textures instead. This requires a lot of processing power, so one will need a decent computer setup to run the game.

If you are a tech business that’s selling PC parts, you’ve just found a gold mine. From the CPU and RAM to the graphic card and peripherals, you have an opportunity to promote essentially any product. If the audience loves the game performance they see, a simple endorsement by streamer saying that “he or she wouldn’t have enjoyed the game process as much without the product they got from your business” can easily skyrocket your sales!

Here you can see how to do it:

For more competitive yet still nonviolent games like Rocket League, the audience will likely be interested in something that will help them run the games at higher FPS (frame-per-second) settings. If the streamer who is really good at the game suggests a graphics card that doubled the FPS in Rocket League, the viewers are likely to form a good opinion of the brand, buy it, and recommend it to a friend.

Of course, there are tons of streamers who also promote products that are by no means related to the game they are playing, such as Achievement Hunter. These guys have been sponsored by big names like Blue Apron, Omaha Steaks, and even While none of the above-mentioned companies are directly related to gaming, they often sponsor streamers because brand promotion on Twitch works (and works well)!

Twitch promotion

If your business is looking for a new marketing opportunity, Twitch promotion is one of the best investments you’ll make. Now, you just need to find a streamer with a big enough audience, make sure that the viewers are genuine and not botted, try to contact him/her to see if they are looking for a sponsor, work out a deal, and so on, and so on. This sounds like a lot of headaches, doesn’t it?

If you want to see how much a Twich ad costs you can click here.

That’s why services like Loggershut exists, so you can make Twitch promotion easily. We are here to save you a lot of time and stress of finding the right person to endorse your product. We realize that Twitch can be a new terrain for some companies, so we take quality assurance as our top priority!

Don’t miss out on advertising opportunities on Twitch. Instead of spending hours upon hours trying to find the right streamers all over the Internet, make it easier for yourself - try Loggershut for free and start achieving your marketing goals faster than ever before!


Sponsoring esport teams

sponsoring esport teams

Brand promotion on Twitch

Brand promotion on Twitch

Twitch promotion

Twitch promotion