Can You Advertise on Twitch

Since 2011, the live streaming service,, has seen a steady increase in monthly viewers and broadcasters. At first, marketers may have struggled to recognize the unique opportunities presented by this platform; however, since Amazon acquired the company for a whopping US$970 million in 2014, many businesses have sat up and taken note.

The more traditional digital marketing channels like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are still relevant, but Twitch boasts an exclusive and highly engaged audience. If you're selling products and services that are primarily targeted at an eSports buyer persona, you may find a highly primed market on Twitch. Or, more interestingly, you may discover that eSports lovers share many characteristics with your ideal buyers.

By now, you may have started to recognize the potential of having access to these customers and are wondering how you can capitalize on the platform. 

The great news is that you can advertise on Twitch – and we're going to show you how.

Who should advertise on Twitch

Twitch is primarily home to millions of gamers and eSports enthusiasts, which is why many companies are still scratching their heads as to how they should approach the platform. You may be asking, "Are gamers really my market?"

The answer to that question is probably: Yes!

Have you been struggling to reach certain audiences lately? They don't answer your calls; they're not clicking on your display ads, and they're certainly not opening any direct mail. 

Have you guessed who we're talking about yet?

A substantial demographic of Twitch users comprise of millennial males – the audience that is becoming increasingly wary of traditional advertising, and they know how to avoid it. That doesn't mean they don't want your products; it just means they don't appreciate pushy, disingenuous sales tactics.

So whether you're selling fashion items, technology, soft drinks, or those much-needed energy bars that gamers turn to late at night, you're very likely to find your customers on the platform. But you have to approach them in the right way.

Why Twitch is the new home of influencer marketing

Previously, businesses relied on testimonials, reviews, and case studies to demonstrate the value of their products and services. Influencer marketing, however, offers a far more personalized way to reach consumers. Through the use of social media, individuals can build their own unique follower groups by giving viewers insight into their everyday lives. This prolonged and candid dialogue between broadcaster and viewer helps to establish trust and credibility – that's how a social media influencer is born. Their opinions, views, and experiences matter to their fans. If the influencer is thrilled and eager to talk about your product, you can bet that there will be a high level of buy-in from their fans.

The secret to Twitch's popularity is its ability to create communities. Streamers get heavily invested in their favorite gamers, and since the platform allows for paid subscriptions, viewers form strong bonds with the broadcasters they choose to follow and support. This means that popular influencers on Twitch really do hold a lot of clout with their viewers.

From an advertising perspective, this is precisely the kind of marketing you want to invest in. In 2018, Twitch viewers spent 560 billion minutes watching video content. This provides many opportunities for brand and product placement, enabling companies to form partnerships with influencers who can represent their merchandise effectively.

There are over 3 million unique monthly broadcasters on the platform, each catering to around 15 million daily viewers, so you're guaranteed to find an influencer who will do a great job on your Twitch advertising campaign.

How does influencer marketing work on Twitch?

Firstly, you have to do your market research. It's essential to identify your target audience and find out what they're into. Which games are they playing? What age group do they fall into, and what are their interests? This will help you to determine the influencer category you should be browsing.

If you're an online betting shop, for example, you want to be very careful about the age-range you target through your influencer.

It's also important to identify the right-fit spokesperson for your brand. You need someone who will be a suitable ambassador for your products and services and will align with your company's values. Authenticity is crucial to running a successful Twitch advertising campaign. If you end up affiliating with someone who isn't going to be genuinely enthusiastic about your offering or conducts themselves in a way that contradicts your organization's ethos, you're certainly not going to benefit from the interaction.

The thing to keep in mind is that Twitch streams are happening in real-time. There are no do-overs or rehearsals, and once you've discussed the structure of your segment in the influencer's broadcast, you won't be able to approve it before it goes live. This immediacy is both great for reinforcing that authentic engagement and bringing buyers to your website quickly, but it requires you to use the services of an influencer who will put in the effort to communicate your marketing message effectively.

To avoid pairing up with the wrong influencer, you should consider using the services of a content marketing agency like Loggershut. Our service helps you to find influencers who will work within your guidelines while creating compelling and engaging content for your business. We recognize that for many companies, venturing into Twitch advertising is new terrain, and quality assurance in finding the right gaming influencers is crucial before you invest in the campaign.

As a marketer or business owner, return on investment (ROI) is one of your biggest concerns. It can be tricky to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns through other platforms because the influencer's fans may not respond to the advert right away. For example, once a video is posted on YouTube, and you offer a discount code to a specific audience, you may find that engagement is sporadic. Furthermore, the video remains online indefinitely, but your promotion may be time-sensitive. This could result in an influx of redundant traffic to your website that confuses your metrics. Or, if the product or service is no longer available, you've just driven a load of visitors to your website, only to disappoint them.

With Twitch, however, you can really take advantage of quick-win sales because the promotion is happening live. And with over 1 million viewers engaging with the platform at any given time, you're guaranteed to see direct results. You can then confidently share the positive effects of your campaigns with stakeholders and investors.

The benefits of advertising to gamers

Contrary to popular belief, gamers aren't solitary folk. They spend hours in incredibly immersive digital environments, and thanks to the power of the internet, they are continuously connected to friends, family members, and anyone else in the world who is participating in their game. This means that they are, in fact, very socially active and engaged in their own complex communities. Furthermore, since gamers are already online and extremely familiar with making digital purchases, whether those are virtual items or ordering takeaway, they make ideal buyers in the modern digital economy.

There are also very specific things you can target at gamers because this particular buyer persona is often looking for services that simplify their lives and cause minimal disruption to their game time. Convenience goods and tech items do really well with this form of advertising. Moreover, gamers are often looking for ways to strengthen their communities and show solidarity to their teams, so once your product gains popularity with a particular gaming tribe, word will spread quickly, and your product may experience a surge in demand.

How to advertise on Twitch?

Let´s face it. We would really like to know how to advertise on Twitch in a successful way.

Successful marketing campaigns persuasively communicate the true value of your product or service to the customer. Good advertising copy and strong visual content are fantastic ways to convey your message, but nothing is quite as potent for conversion rates as receiving authentic reviews and ratings from people who have tried, tested, and sincerely benefited from the use of your product. Influencer marketing allows you to do just that, and it doesn't have to cost a fortune.

Loggershut works hard to eliminate any doubt surrounding your decision to use an influencer by providing the tools and features that allow you to form trust-based relationships. Using our platform, you can search for influencers who meet your criteria down to a T. We'll provide you with the necessary contracts and job posting options to give you peace of mind and take any complications out of the interaction.

Since Twitch has a global reach, we can help you find influencers who speak the language of your target audience and are relevant broadcasters with a proven track record of service delivery.

Don't miss out on exploring the advertising opportunities that Twitch provides. The platform is evolving to attract viewers with a range of other interests, not just gaming. So be sure to jump on board and start leveraging the power of this unique platform by pairing your business with a dependable influencer. To find out more about our services and how we can help you find the best Twitch influencer for your brand, just click the link.


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