Loggershut is a website designed for Influencer Marketing, specifically referring to how companies use Influencers to communicate opinions with their followers. Loggershut helps Companies and Influencers find each other and create effective, long lasting Relationships.

Our Influencers are widely found to work through global Social Media hosts such as, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook, however, can also be found on other Blog Hosts where Influencers may write a more detailed and in-depth review about a product, topic or service.

As consumer consumption is growing rapidly through online trade, Business Marketing Strategies are turning to Influencer Marketing as one of the most important forms of Advertisement. Influencer Marketing enables companies to gain a high level of credibility between an Influencer and their following, that cannot be replicated through traditional means of Advertisement.

Advantages of Loggershut

Everything is done online, enabling companies to directly market and communicate product or messages to affluent audiences instantly, making them more likely to make a purchase.

The challenge facing new influencers is that they may find it difficult to gain an income with a relatively low following by comparison to some of the larger Influencers within the same field. However, Loggershut facilitate cost effective communication between companies also searching for Influencers who are not ‘too expensive’.

The challenge facing a company not using Loggershut, is that they may be seeking an opportunity within Influencer Marketing without spending a huge amount of money. This enables Loggershut to bring the two together and facilitate and Business Relationship beneficial to both the company and the Influencer.

Quality Review

Before an Influencer becomes part of our network on Loggershut, their social media profiles and websites are thoroughly screened. This ensures that all of our Influencers and companies working with them, that be guaranteed a high level of trust and effective service.

This also offers companies the advantage of not having to contact 10 influencers for marketing, in hopes that at least one of them will provide a reliable service. Here at Loggershut, we do all the legwork for you.

Additionally, to this, if a company or influencer is unhappy with the agreed service, or there is a breakdown in communication, you have the opportunity to notify us of this and we will step in to find a mutual resolution at no additional cost. This ensures that all parties are satisfied with the progress and enables everything to run as smoothly as possible for subscribed users.

Data Security

As a company, Loggershut uphold a high degree of security and adheres to, amongst other legislations, the European GDPR Regulation, which you can read more about here. This ensures that your safety and personal details are handled correctly and in line with legislative guidelines.


The current prices for our services will appear on the front page, or alternatively on the overview of prices on our website www.Loggershut.com.

Further Terms and Conditions for Subscriptions are elaborated here.


Loggershut is a Danish operating company, and Customer Support is offered in the following languages; Danish, English and German.

If you have enquires or questions about joining or subscribing to Loggershut, please feel free to reach out via email: support@loggershut.com