Terms of Use

All subscription-based memberships are provided by Loggershut ApS, Klintevej 12, 7100 Vejle. CVR-number: 39089459. Hereafter ‘Loggershut’ respectively ‘the Subscription’

In order to Contact and Communicate with Influencers through Loggershut, you are required to purchase a subscription and follow the steps on screen to create an Administrator Profile. To do this, you will be required to sign up with an email-address and other relevant information. In accordance with data policies, Loggershut does not request sensitive information, which is elaborated here.

Your Subscription

The cost for subscriptions to Loggershut starts at 10 EUR/12 USD per month in accordance with the current terms of notice. All price regulations will be communicated ahead of time through the email address used to create the account. All price regulations will come into effect on the first coming renewal of the subscription membership. Within all active subscriptions, Loggershut reserves right to regulate the price of a subscription. Any Subscription Termination following a price regulation, adheres to the given legislation at the time of termination.

All Loggershut Subscriptions are sequential and will therefore automatically be renewed until it is terminated by either the subscriber, or by Loggershut. All subscriptions are paid in advance. Once a subscription has been set up, the method of payment cannot be changed. Loggershut accept all major credit and debit cards. We do not accept Cash or Cheques. In the case of a subscriber changing jobs or companies and still wishing to continue with your Loggershut Subscription, please contact customer services : support@loggershut.com where you will be required to verify your access to the account. Once your details have been verified as a new subscriber, you will then be able to make changes to the payment information under the ‘my account’ section of the website.

In creating an account and setting up a subscription, you are thereby authorizing Loggershut to renew the subscription amount each month and take the payment from the account associated with your chosen Card. Loggershut accept the following card payment methods: Visa, MasterCard and JCB.

In the case of Automatic Payments for a subscription renewal, the account administrator will receive an email receipt to the email address associated with the account. If payments are declined due to Expiry Date of the card, subscribers will be emailed via the email address associated with their subscription and asked to update the payment card on the account.

All notifications, communications and correspondents are sent to the email given at the time of setting up the subscription. Details such as Email Address, Contact Information and Payment Information can be accessed and updated via the ‘My Account’ section once logged into your Loggershut account.

All payment information and data is encrypted on the website of our payment provider; Quickpay and Loggershut thereby do not store or hold any of your payment or banking details.

Once a subscription has been set up and you have accessed your account, automatic authorization is given to Loggershut to waiver your 14 day right of cancellation per the Danish Consumer Regulation, clause 18, section 2.

In this case, the Consumer Regulations rules regarding the 14-day right of cancellation do not apply as Loggershut provides services online which are available to be accessed by the subscriber immediately. In other words, Subscriber access to Loggershut begins with the consent already given by the consumer prior to initiating the access. Therefore, the subscriber acknowledges to waiver the 14 day right of cancellation at the time of the purchase.

All Subscriptions are sequential and will continue until the subscriber or Loggershut terminated the service. Any subscription can be terminated for the end of the current payment period. Missing payments for active subscriptions are not considered as valid terminations of agreements or subscriptions. Loggershut reserves the right to communicate technical problems, change in subscription details, and missing payment information to the email address associated with the subscription.

Subscriptions are not inclusive of internet access.

Content and Marketing

Agreements made between Subscribers and Influencers through the Loggershut platform are 100% the responsibility said subscribers in every aspect without limitation. More information on Guidelines regarding this can be found on the Loggershut Website. Communication, Dialogue and agreement of marketing and execution of promotions between Subscribers and Influencers are solely the responsibility of the subscriber.

This also acknowledges that Loggershut cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect actions, costs, liabilities or losses related to convictions or agreements between Influencers and Subscribers. This extends to communications and agreements which the subscriber or the influencers make or have made.

The subscriber has the sole responsibility of adhering to all Regulations and Legislations including, Danish marketing regulations. All content, promotion and forms of marketing between the Influencer and Subscriber must clearly state that the agreement is a form of marketing and will be used as such. It is the responsibility of the subscriber to be fully transparent in that fact that any agreement is for the purpose of marketing.

Loggershut reserves the right to refused access to Subscribers and to remove and delete content even if it has already been paid for. This can occur in situations were the actions of a Subscriber goes against the best interests of Loggershut as a company. Examples of such situations can be misusing Loggershut or encouraging advertisements entailing Racial Discrimination or discrimination based on Sexual Orientation and other protected characteristics. Restricted Access and Deletion of Content also extends to the protection of minors, intimate, sexualised or private photos and videos, and additional circumstances such as, threats, hate speech, terrorism and crime.

All influencers undergo a Social Media screening before being authorized to advertise services through Loggershut. However, it is not the responsibility of Loggershut to test out the authenticity of the Influencers online profiles.

In the case where a Subscriber and Influencer cannot agree upon a mutual course of action, or execution of agreement, the subscriber can contact Loggershut in English so that Loggershut can provide input regarding the communication to mediate a resolution. However, it is ultimately the sole responsibility of the subscriber to proceed with the selected way of content and communication to be executed in relation to said agreement.

All subscribers are encouraged to select an influencer which they feel best match their interests, following and ideologies of what they are attempting to market. It is also the Subscribers sole responsibility to decide how communication and marketing should be executed through the Influencer. It is not the responsibility of the Influencer to decide how a product should be marketed, and all agreed execution of services are at the responsibility of the subscriber.

Subscribers must also be aware that Influencers have the right to give honest feedback and reviews including Pro’s and Con’s of a service or product. This ensures that the Influencers’ followers receive an honest and credible review of the subscriber.

Loggershut can reuse any content of any kind free of charge that has been created via Loggershut.


In the event of any loss that a Subscriber or Influencer may suffer of any kind, Loggershut cannot be held accountable inclusive of the website not being available or experiencing delays and errors.

Loggershut can furthermore not be made responsible for the information or guidelines which exist on Loggershut.dk despite these, against all expectations, are incorrect. Damages or losses resting on information or guidelines from Loggershut can therefore not be reimbursed in any aspect.

It is the responsibility of the Subscriber and the Influencer to often read Terms and Conditions of Loggershut and adhere to the aforementioned.

How you cannot use Loggershut:

  • To Modify, change or misuse Loggershut in any manner against the terms of service and terms and conditions
  • Destroy, harm, overstrain, decrease or deactivate Loggershuts platforms and services or networks associated with this service
  • To include Loggershuts’ name or image in any forms of communication that could be viewed as spam
  • To create Harmful, Offensive, Distressing or Illegal Behaviour

In the case that a Subscriber and Influencer cannot reach a resolution of conflict from an agreement, it is the responsibility of the subscriber to apply to the courts to reach a resolution. In any case this court must be The legal court of Kolding, Denmark.

Copyright and Rights

All rights are reserved by Loggershut including immaterial rights and copyright. The title of the owner of Loggershut, copyright and other immaterial rights to software and content.

The Loggershut logo cannot be used by anyone besides Loggershut unless Loggershut has provided a written consent of authorization.


All questions, complaints and enquires can be made by contacting Customer Support on: support@loggershut.com