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  • Address: Klintevej 12
  • City: 7100, Vejle


  • Man


  • 40


  • Phone: 46738291
  • Email: support-dk@loggershut.com
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Ciao! Mi chiamo Emanuele e faccio lo streamer, interessante, eh? Dopo svariati mesi ho deciso finalmente di cercare uno sponsor. Perché? Sono interessato alle vostre idee e mi piacerebbe aiutarvi nel mostrare il vostro articolo durante le mie stream! ---- Hey there! My name is Emanuele and I'm a stream as you can see. After a lot of months I have finally decided I'd like to have a sponsor. Why? Well, because I'm interested in your products/ideas and I'd like to help you in showing them during my streams.