Grand theft auto, hearthstone *, just chatting, leagues of legends, starcraft, world of warcraft, other


  • Address: Klintevej 12
  • City: 7100, Vejle


  • Man


  • 40


  • Phone: 46738291
  • Email:
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My name is William. I am a full time content creator. I was born August in the 80's to a biker of a father and a loud Supermom. I lived all over California when I was young then moved to Oregon when I was twelve or so. I love to play games. Ever since I was young I would play games and watch my 6 older brothers play games (FF1 and Metallica... yeah) banjo-kazooie was my first real love. Then as I got older ocarina of time and driver grew to take that place in my heart. FF7 armored core. Then...THEN.....Diablo...Fable...My life was never the same.