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  • Address: Klintevej 12
  • City: 7100, Vejle


  • Man


  • 40


  • Phone: 46738291
  • Email:
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Hello, my name is Nicki and I am a part-time streamer on Twitch. I have a huge passion for Twitch and I really love the way that you can socialize yourself with others over a game. I use around 10-15 hours a week, to play games and stream them at Twitch. I average around 5-10 viewers a stream and am still pursuing my dream of becoming a full-time streamer one day. I'm a positive streamer, that focuses on getting other people happy and give everyone in my stream a good day. I signed up for Loggershut because I saw it as an opportunity for smaller companies to see my channel and hope to get discovered by someone out there. My dream is definitely streaming and I will be doing it, till the day I need to stop or can't do it anymore. So if I sound like anything you guys could use, then please contact me! Dear Regards: Nicki Cambon (NexousTV)