• Address: Klintevej 12
  • City: 7100, Vejle


  • Man


  • 40


  • Phone: 46738291
  • Email: support-dk@loggershut.com
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I am a recently gone full time streamer who has found a huge love and fondness for the community that surrounds me on twitch. I am your average guy that just loves engaging with people on a daily basis. Craving social interaction is just something i have always loved but been too shy to do due to social anxiety. I found being a streamer connected me to so many like minded people i have found a way to express myself and open up through twitch and the people on the platform. I enjoy the interaction, the laughs and sharing memories together. Finding new ways to always give back to people is just who i am. Seeing that enjoyment from people when i give back just fills me with happiness and an overwhelming joy. I am happily engaged and just a very outgoing go lucky type of guy. I find that a smile is infectious but a laugh together is contagious. The diversity between the people i meet online and whilst streaming just constantly broadens my horizons and my views and i love engaging with viewers and my community to discuss our opinions and views.