How does Loggershut work?

Congratulations, even now that you've landed on this site, you've saved an incredible amount of time.

Loggershut has already screened and said nicely no thanks to thousands of applicants who would like to be influencers via Loggershut.

It gives you 3 clear benefits:

  1. You don't have to click back and forth on an endless series of profiles on social media
  2. You know that the Loggershut profiles really want to create commercial content
  3. You can easily get in touch with and send products to the influencers if you wish

In addition, you get:

  • Fast and easy technology
  • New influencers all the time
  • Direct access to influencers to fit any budget
  • Flexibility - You decide how long you want to be a part of Loggershut
  • 20% discount when you buy access to Loggershut on an annual basis

Hear how Loggershut works - and the benefits you can gain

It is also important to mention that Loggershut merely mediates the contact between the influencers and you. What you agree with the influences does not relate to Loggershut financially. There are therefore no hidden fees.

So let's look at how to easily create an influencer campaign:

Make an influencer campaign

If you follow these few steps, you will quickly start doing low influencer marketing in the smart and effective way.

1 : Create a free Loggershut test account. No credit cards needed. Click here
4 : Streamers who are interested in a collaboration will return to you
2 : Select your segment (Media, Age, Gender, Subject, etc.)
5 : You communicate directly with the streamers
3 : Create a job post that will be broadcast to your selected segment
6 : Streamers make videos about your brand

Get success

At Loggershut you will feel safe. Here we have many years of experience with influencers and we are happy to guide you on your journey so that you can succeed with this kind of online marketing.

That's why you have several great opportunities for inspiration and support:

  1. See the FAQ: Click here
  2. See examples of others who have used influencer marketing successfully:
  3. Contact Loggershut´s Success Management Team: Click here