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One of the fastest growing segments of the influencer marketing industry is the live streaming niche that is occupied by everyone from beauty consultants to video game pros.

An immediate, tangible way for brands and hosts to connect with fans, live stream influencer marketing is also a great opportunity for generating sales as well as a dialog between a host and their community.

Getting started with a streaming career is the easy part, but growing your audience and then connecting with brands and companies in your niche is often a task beyond most creators. That’s where a live branding promotional service that connects streamers to companies interested in advertising their product through Twitch, YouTube, or Mixer comes into play.

Bringing a certain set of skills to the table that streamers often don’t consider or possess, live stream influencer marketing services help facilitate the kinds of meaningful interactions between fans and streamers that not only generates revenue for both but also attracts repeat business in the future.

If you’ve ever live streamed and considered the many ways you could monetize this activity among your current product mix, then live branding might be the solution for you - especially if you have a moderately sized audience on any of the popular streaming platforms.

In this article, we’ll talk about five ways that live stream influencer marketing can benefit both brands and streamers. We’ll discuss the mutual benefits of live stream influencer marketing from both a consumer and business perspective as well as some background on how the streamer benefits as well. 

Live stream influencer marketing

Here are five reasons to consider a live branding partnership:

5. Building brand recognition

One of the biggest advantages that live stream influencer marketing gives you as a company over your competition is that you are able to build strong brand recognition within your targeted segment using a ready-made community and access to the trust and commitment its members have made to the streamer’s brand.

In other words, it lends your company an instant credibility or even a rarefied cachet that is hard to obtain.

This is especially critical for new companies or products just coming on to the scene.

Sure, you can run advertising campaigns, but their metrics are nothing compared to what you would get from a live branding campaign.

We’re not just talking about converting prospects into buyers but also into lifelong supporters as well. 

Lets see how to build brand recognition, before we continue with how to building bridges with the audiences:

4. Building bridges with audiences

Along the lines of building brand recognition, you can also discover and obtain new, lifelong customers that will support your company now and in the future.

This is perhaps the most valuable aspect of live stream influencer marketing in that it is the gift that keeps on giving from a customer acquisition and retention standpoint.

Not only will you obtain good, high-quality leads through streaming events but also you will be able to sustain this momentum as time progresses.

Another awesome advantage to building brands with audiences via gaming sponsorships is that you empower them to become ambassadors for your brand or product.

Using the multiplier effect, you make your marketing dollars go that much further as your own fans take it upon themselves to tell others about how great you and your company are. Word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools for a reason: It works. 

3. Reduced marketing expenditures

Because live branding does a much more efficient job at obtaining new customers, it is one of the more cost-effective methods for marketing to potential niches.

Over time, this results in reduced marketing expenses for the same - or even greater - outreach.

Because of the multiplier effect and the latency associated with the spread common to that, an initial marketing expense’s true value might not be realized until months down the road, but it is an investment that will drive dividends and benefits for your firm for years to come.

Unlike social media advertising or even ads on search engines, live branding isn’t artificially capped by the service’s algorithms and are some of the more open-ended advertising audiences out there. Because of their vastly larger potential size, marketing to a streamer’s audience becomes more economical than paying for ads to reach the same size audience.

2. Boosts SEO and search rankings

Ancillary benefits to live stream influencer marketing includes a boost to SEO and search engine rankings for your content and product.

Because of the organic nature of live branding, your company will benefit from the interest generated by the live stream on Twitch, YouTube, or Mixer and it will help establish your product or service as a possible solution to a given problem.

The traditional method of generating content and putting up ads still works, but it is so much less effective (in terms of cost and time) than getting an influencer with the reach you want to promote your product live on a stream.

As far as measuring the effectiveness of any individual stream, certain tracking codes and special links (among other methods) can be used to track viewer activity and monitor who makes a purchase and who does not.

This will not only give you valuable insights into who is excited about your offer but also why they didn’t go through to completion on the offer in question if they didn’t buy.

1. Introduces brands to new audiences

You think you know who your customer is, but you might not know who your future customers will be. Live streaming to diverse audiences across YouTube, Mixer, and Twitch allows firms to find new customers and communities that they had perhaps never considered before.

Best of all is that this kind of discovery emerges organically and is thus more reliable as a business metric. In the old days companies had to do opinion polls and market testing to figure out who their audience was.

Now they can trust that the audience will come to them and all they need to do is find the appropriate gateway - or influencer - to help them achieve that


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