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this gaming dictionary can be very beneficial for you. While the list could be longer, the expressions presented are the most prominent in all sorts of games, including FPS shooters, RPGs, MMOs, RTSs, and so on.

Before we are checking out all the gaming expressions, we will kindly make a disclaimer if you are a parent or representing a brand:

If you don’t play games, don’t try to “sound hip” to appeal to gamers or streamers, similar to any other industry / hobby. Just act the way you would normally, it’s that easy. Don’t try to get anyone to like you by throwing in a few words like “GG” or “Top-Fragger.”

If you are a parent or marketing agent, however, you can still benefit by using the dictionary - to understand what these people are talking about, especially during an oral or written conversation with them.

So lets start:

Gaming expressions


ACE A perfect gaming round. For example, when one player eliminates all the opponents.
AWPER Someone playing with a sniper rifle called “AWP.” Depending on the skill, can also be a leader of the team, also known as IGL.
Camping A defensive strategy where a player is hiding from opponents in the same secluded spot. Usually used to call someone out on their gameplay.
Carebear A gamer who prefers playing less violent games or doesn’t like getting into in-game or over-the-mic fights with other players.
Clutch A surprisingly good performance of a player. For instance, being the last one left against 3 players on the opposite team and winning.
Flashbang A grenade which blinds the opponent for a couple seconds.
Floss A very popular dance in Fortnite.
Frag Eliminating the opponent.
Fragger A person getting kills.
GG The abbreviation for “Good Game.” Used by the players to “high five” each other or saying “thank you” for the game. The internet domains within the gaming industry are often using the .gg extension as well - like
IGL In-Game-Leader.
Kappa A way to indicate sarcasm.
Lagging When there is a delay in the game, or the streaming connection is poor.
Lurker A player who doesn’t follow its team, but “flanks” the enemy team instead.
Memes Memes are simply jokes. They’ve been around for a decade now, so you must’ve heard of them at one point of time. Memes are used for bullying also.
Mixer A live streaming platform owned by Microsoft.
Noob A rookie in the game or a player who is playing the game very poorly.
Pogchamp A gamer who has played very well in the game.
Pwned The origin is the word “owned.” It means that the player has been essentially destroyed.
Skin A cosmetic upgrade for a weapon in the game, or a characteristic of the game. Depending on the game, you can buy them or play the game and earn them.
Twitch Currently, the biggest live streaming platform for gamers. Twitch is owned by Amazon. Therefore, Twitch streamers often have and use an Amazon account to get their sponsor earnings.
YouTube YouTube is the second largest live streaming platform for gamers. The platform is owned by Google (Alphabet Inc).
XD The visual edition of "LOL" which means “Laughing Out Loud”.

With the above gaming insights you are now able to understand how the gamers are acting and have more fun with the gamers. If you are marketer you can read more about: Live Stream Marketing


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